Teaching Aids

Midwives@ethiopia use a variety of teaching aids to encourage memorable and interesting training sessions. Training is focused on practical clinical skills to compliment the theory. m@e uses role play, visual media and imaginative demonstrations. Some teaching aids we use:

  • Birthing trousers
  • Knitted uteri
  • Knitted breasts
  • Doll and pelvis
  • Resuscitation dolls
  • DVDs translated into Amharic in collaboration with Medical Aid Films
  • Pictures and training cards
  • Workbooks
  • TALC dolls

Donations are used to develop Picture Cards and buy helpful training tools.

1236591_570685909635306_1453735974_aWe are grateful for many people throughout the UK knitting uteri and breasts for us to use in our training and to donate to our colleagues in Ethiopia to encourage them to share practical skills and knowledge.