Report May 2013


To visit rural communities and undertake qualitative research into local health needs.


Visited 2 kebeles and met with community members, health posts, women and their husbands.

Learning outcomes for m@e

To include visits to Kebeles during each trip.

Future Developments

Exemplar health posts within a defined community.

To gain support from the local community to take ownership for their health needs.

Met with Zonal office and members of the local community.

To stay in touch with the local health needs.

Provide training for Health Extension workers.

Provided training for 60 HEW’s including usage of Misoprostol for prevention of PPH.

HEW training is a vital component of the m@e strategy.

To provide HEW training in 2 kebeles - Yirgacheffe and Wanago. Consider HEW training in Wondo Genet.

Understand through discussion the traditional practices that impact on the care of women in pregnancy and labour.

The role of the TBA. No FGM practiced in Yirgacheffe area. Most women choose home birth rather than birth in Health posts or Health Centres.

Constant discussion due to local diversity.

Engage with decision makers within the community to promote health services to women.

Met with Zonal office and members of the local community.

Ensure ongoing support for HEW training.

Provide delivery packs for each HEW attending training.

Locally sourced delivery packs provided to each HEW, very well received. £1.05 per pack.

Excellent outcome.

To continue with this initiative.

Addis Ababa


To meet with key individuals from the Ministry of Health to ensure compliance with Ethiopian legal requirements for delivery of training.


Met Azeb Admasuu, Co-ordinator for the accelerated midwifery programme. Met Ato Abduljelil, Resource Mobilisation Partnership Coordination Directorate Director. Strategy and Constitution forwarded by email.

Learning Outcomes for m@e

Excellent contact as she is an inspirational supporter of midwives in Ethiopia. Established that as we are a Voluntary Medical Mission we do not need to register formally at the current time.

Future Developments

Azeb attends the ICM so need to ensure link with her at the conference. Ato Abduljelil and Ato Kare discussed the registration process of m@e in Hawassa and will feedback.

To provide inaugral training for midwives in Addis Ababa.

2 day training course held at Meshualkia health centre for 15 midwives. Training provided by 3 trustees and Debrewerk, our partner in AA.

Assessment document modified. No training to be held at the weekend. Training to be at least 3 days rather than 2. Future programme to be amended to include infection control and preeclampsia. Handouts vital for the midwives.

Venue to be found for future training, ? Town Hall/Youth Centre. 3 day training course. Invite to EMA to present Code of Conduct.

To meet with supporters of m@e.

Met with: Alice Allan, IBCLC who kindly gave m@e a copy of the Breastfeeding DVD she produced and directed. Andy Piller, DKT who had kindly donated 5100 tablets of Misoprostol. Berhane Ras-Work, a contact of an m@e trustee and a leading campaingner against FGM and Domestic Abuse. Visited Ethiopian Midwives Association and collected copies of the Code of Conduct. Vistied the Head to Toe International School who raised money for m@e and met with Jane Pyecha, Headmistress.

DVD used in midwifery training and very well received. Continue to work with DKT so Misoprostol can be distributed during training. A key future contact and possible patron. Code of Conduct used in training for tutors and midwives and prompted excellent discussion.

To obtain copies so can be given to each midwife. Partner with the Art teacher at the Head to Toe International School to design cards and books.



To explore new contacts/networks.


Met with Mary McCauley, an VSO Obstetrician. Visited the Swedish Guest House in Wondo Genet. Visited other possible accommodation for future visits.

Learning outcomes for m@e

To make contact with VSO for future visits.

Future Development

Local Obstretrician involvement in training i.e. pre eclampsia. Staying in Wondo Genet during Hawassa training.

To deliver the 2 day Train the Trainers course in Hawassa College of Health Science.

Training delivered in 1 day due to Regional Health Office delays.

To contact the Regional Health Office on arrival in Addis Ababa and ensure more communication leading up to the visit.

Communication. Extend the time to 1.5 to 2 days. Memory sticks for each tutor containing training material and research articles.

To deliver the 3 day Continuing Midwifery Education course in Hawassa College of Health Science.

Training delivered in 2 days due to Regional Health Office delays.

As above

To extend the training course to 3/4 days to include lectures, group work and skills stations. To provide workbooks to each midwife including short resume of topic and note paper. Consider giving every midwife an m@e t-shirt, bag and workbook rather than equipment bags.

Overarching Objectives


Marketing and advertising


Debrewerk to arrange the printing of business cards in Amharic. Posters to be printed in Amharic.

Learning outcomes for m@e

Advertising. Learning resource for HEW training.

Future development

Storage of equipment

Cupboard to be commissioned for storage of training equipment and sundries.

Time off during visit.

Two days off must be included in the timetable to ensure trustees can rest and relax.

Agree that the purpose of m@e is for training purposes and not purchase and maintenance of equipment.

Agenda item for next meeting.

Jane Herve, Brydon Williams and Anna Cannon-Trustees of midwives@ethiopia

m@e enjoyed a very positive productive trip to Ethiopia to meet up with our partners. Please read our attached report.......