Picture Cards

Midwives@ethiopia are committed to strengthening knowledge through working with existing systems and alongside the Governments Health Service Plan.

These Picture Cards have been developed locally for use by the Health Extension Workers in the villages where they live. In their communities they provide antenatal care  and facilitate discussion groups to encourage women to access care . As a visual aid to teaching about pregnancy at antenatal appointments and also to start discussions to find out more about traditional beliefs around pregnancy and birth, these cards are a valuable tool for teaching where many of the community members are illiterate.

These sets of Picture Cards are a great tool to improve communication and community participation as they can be used by the HEWs and their teams, and also by the midwives and the community to talk about their ideas and beliefs around pregnancy and birth.

There are 22 cards in a full set and illustrate danger signs and good things to do whilst pregnant.

Pregnant woman with twins

A pregnant woman washing her bodyPregant woman in long labourBirth Preparedness