Our Partners

Debrework GetachewDebrework Getachew

Medical Director, Meshuelekia Health centre, Addis Ababa, Ethiopia

Debrework has been involved with the midwives from midwives@ethiopia for 4 years. We first got to know Debrework when he was the Health Centre Manager in Yirgacheffe a small rural town in SNNPR where we were running training for Health extension workers.The Health Centre was beautifully run and clean and we were so impressed by his managerial, organisational and midwifery skills.Debrework is a very valued member of our team and we are priveledged to be working in partnership with him. He is a teacher for midwives@ethiopia and also a translator. He is innovative, has great vision and dedication and is a great strategist. We are very fortunate to have Debrework as part of our team.He is now Medical Director of a Health Centre in Addis Ababa where he overseas and manages 43 nurses, midwives and health Officers providing medical services for up to 400 people a day. The most common problems that staff at Meshuelekia treat are:

  • ART treatment
  • Treatment for diarrhoea
  • Acute fever
  • Skin infections.

The Health Centre also has antenatal , delivery and postnatal services with around 3-4 deliveries a day.


Metasebia Admassu Metasebia Admassu

Metasebia lives in Southern Ethiopia, is 27 years old and has a public health background. She got her first degree at Gondor University and has recently completed a  MPh at Hawassa University. This is a fantastic achievement and all the trustees are extremely proud to be working with Metasebia.

Currently working as a program officer at Engender-Health (Hawassa Satelite Office).

Metasabia has worked as Head of a Health Centre in Wondogenet Health Centre (Sidama Zone).

Midwives@Ethiopia have known Metasabia well and worked with her for a number of years. She is held in very high regard for her high standard of care, her strong work ethic, and the consistent support she has given over the years to both SEGHL (see history on our website) and m@e.


Awassa College of Health Sciences (ACHS)

Awassa is the capital of SNNPR. It is 270km south of Addis Ababa. Situated on the beautiful Lake Awassa, complete with wallowing hippos and chattering chimps.

We are delighted to be working in partnership with the Midwifery Dept at ACHS.

The college runs the Diploma Course for Midwifery students, a total of 400 midwifery students studying for 3 years. Some of the Midwifery teachers at the college have been students on our previous train the trainer course for midwifery teachers.

The college has 18 midwifery teachers some of whom run the training for midwives in partnership with us. The teachers are committed to reducing the maternal mortality rate in Ethiopia and are inspiring and enthusiastic to be working together with m@e.


Yirgacheffe Health CentreYirgacheffe Health Centre.

Yirgacheffe is a small town situated on the edge of Gedeo zone in SNNPR about 400km south of Addis Ababa. It is well known as a coffee producing area. Gedeo zone has a population of around 700,000. Health facilities are sparse and facilities very basic. People have to travel far for medical attention.

The midwives at the Health Centre help to facilitate training for the Health extension workers from the surrounding villages. Health Extension workers are a vital part of the primary health care service for people living in rural Ethiopia and will often support women at home to deliver their baby.


Zonal and Regional AdministrationZonal and Regional Administration.

m@e are extremely grateful for all the support and encouragement received from Regional and Zonal officials.

Our heartfelt thanks and appreciation is extended to Ato Kare, Head of the Regional Health Bureau and to Ato Habtamu,  Ato Woseneleh ( Dean of the ACHS), Ato Bizuneh (Head of the Zonal Health Bureau)  and Ato Nenko in Gedeo Zone for sharing our vision and for being accommodating and hospitable during our visits and for helping to facilitate meetings and planning of training.