Involving the Wider Community

Midwives@ethiopia aim to continue strong and lasting links with our partners and friends in Ethiopia, and develop mutually respectful relationships.  All decisions in relation to the charity are shared between trustees and partners. By involving members of the wider community in both Africa and Wales/UK Midwives@ethiopia believe it enhances our understanding of the needs of midwives, HEWs and families in SubSaharan Africa.

  • We work closely with other local charities to share skills and knowledge
  • In November 2013 two student midwives from Swansea University participated in one of our trips to WondaGonet and Hawassa (Southern Ethiopia). The students were able to gain an insight into midwifery in a developing country, were able to contribute in the training of midwives, were able to meet student midwives from Ethiopia and share their experiences within their local communities in the UK
  • A Welsh politics/public policy MSc graduate from Bristol University traveled with Midwives@ethiopia to Yirgacheffe, Wonago and Hawassa in November 2013 to assist with the delivery of the HEW training programme. She was able to assist with monitoring and evaluation and did some observations, video diaries, interviews and focus groups. On return she has written a blog and has been able to provide an insight into the typical day of a HEW in rural Ethiopia.
  • We have been very grateful to people all over the UK knitting uteri and breasts for use in our training courses. Comments from the ‘knitters’ say it has been a great social community activity, that it is rewarding contributing to a worthy cause and they enjoy seeing photographs of their knitted uteri being used by HEWs in Africa.
  • In Ethiopia we have arranged meetings with Zonal Health Officers, religious leaders, kabele elders and church groups
  • We have been priveleged to visit rural kabeles (villages) in areas very unfamilar with westeners, and have been able to visit many rural health posts.
  • We have had frequent opportuntites for site visits to hospitals and health centres in Ethiopia.
  • Midwives@ethiopia are applying for grants to help our Ethiopian partners to visit the UK to share skills and resources
  • We are keen to work with UK/Welsh schools to develop links with schools in Southern Ethiopia. We believe that by helping to educate children in the importance of safe and clean birth they will be able to grow up with a more positive impression of childbirth and will be better equipped to prepare for future births.
  • Midwives@ethiopia are very grateful for all the help and support with fundraising. For the generous donations from individuals, companies and charities within the UK and to all our grant providers
  • We use twitter, facebook, blogs and linked in to share information, to enhance communication in both the UK and Africa and to spread the important message that ALL women worldwide should be able to birth safely and without fear