Clean and Safe Delivery Kits

Midwives@ethiopia are committed to fundraising to provide safe delivery kits to all the Health Extension Workers (HEWs) attending our training courses. HEWs are expected to pay for (and replace) any delivery items they use. Although they encourage families to prepare for the birth by saving money to buy basic delivery items, the majority of families are unable to afford it. Therefore, charity funds are used to buy basic items locally in Southern Ethiopia and kits are assembled.

Items include

  • Two bars of soap
  • A bowl with a lid to wash hands and also to store items
  • Plastic sheeting to promote a clean birth area (that can be cleaned between births)
  • Gloves
  • Clean string (to tie the baby’s unbilical cord)
  • A razor blade (to cut the cord)
  • Misoprostil *

* Misoprostil is a drug that can be taken orally if a mother is bleeding heavily following a birth. Numerous charities worldwide are committed to providing misoprostil for HEWs to use, however early evaluations have shown that many HEWs are not aware it is available or are not gaining access to the drug so midwives@ethiopia assist in the distribution by providing it in safe delivery kits.