About Us

Meet the Trustees and our partners in Ethiopia

We are a team of very experienced midwives based in the UK with a wealth of different skills. The Trustees collectively have over 20 years experience working in Ethiopia in maternal health and are very familiar with issues that can be barriers to women accessing safe care around motherhood. Our initiatives enable sharing knowledge and facilitating evidence based practice working with Ethiopian midwives, universities, Government offices and other stakeholders to support existing health structures by strengthening systems already in place.

We all have professional backgrounds in maternity services within the UK, and work with midwives@ethiopia on a voluntary basis.

Our partners in Ethiopia are midwives and experienced Health Care Professionals working in Maternal Health. Some work in Government Institutions and others work with the Ethiopian Midwives Association and other Health Care organisations. Coming from different backgrounds including university lecturing and clinical midwifery our partners help to ensure initiatives, training and projects are relevant and evidence based. Our partners co-teach with us during the training and facilitate the setting of standards in the rural Health Centres.


Anna Cannon

Anna Cannon

Ethiopian Coordinator

I have been a midwife for many years and have a long association with Ethiopia. I first worked as a  midwife there in the early 90’s and have been involved in maternal healthcare there off and on since then. I have lived in Ethiopia for six years and I can speak Amharic. I am constantly inspired and encouraged by the midwives and the women I meet in rural Ethiopia and their achievements often under such difficult circumstances and with limited resources. I am excited to be working with our Ethiopian partners to try to address some of the challenges faced by women on a day to day basis.



Emma Mills

Emma Mills


I am the clinical Research lead Midwife at Aneurin Bevan University Health Board in South Wales and part time Consultant Midwife, and feel passionate about my work. I really enjoy supporting families through pregnancy and birth and feel privileged to be a trustee for midwives@ethiopia. I have had various articles published,have worked on the advisory panel of a midwifery publication Essentially Midirs and was awarded a scholarship to Japan in 1998 to research breast feeding. I was proud to accept ‘Mum’s Midwife of the Year’ for Wales 2011 and have since won other awards including the Wales Research Impact award 2017. I am currently studying for a PHD alongside my job as a midwife and have presented at various conferences including the ICM in Toronto 2017. I am very happy to be a trustee for midwives@ethiopia and grateful that as a charity we have the opportunity to support and work with our colleagues in Ethiopia.


Dr Sarah Norris

Sarah Norris

I am the Lead Midwife for Education  at Swansea University and have been in Midwifery education for the past 15 years, and before that a practising Midwife. Teaching and supporting student midwives on their journey to become qualified Midwives is a most rewarding and exciting job. It has been a wonderful opportunity to be able to contribute my knowledge of education, and my experience, to our work in Ethiopia. Visiting Ethiopia has been  life changing , from having the opportunity to gain a better understanding of the reality of the problems facing developing countries, but equally importantly to work in partnership with Ethiopian midwives as they develop their profession. My experiences in Ethiopia have definitely influenced my approach to life and work at home.

I’m looking forward to playing a part in developing the scope of our charity into the future. From small beginnings…….!


Brydon Williams

Knitted Uterus PDF


I came into midwifery with a passion for helping women to birth safely and with confidence and that hasn’t changed in over 20 years. I also knew I had a transferable skill that I wanted to someday use in other cultural settings to challenge my own skills and practices as well as share them.I have three teenage children who are growing up in a very ‘individualistic’ and ‘materialistic’ society. I hope that, by example, I can show them the value of community and working towards shared goals.I love teaching, whether it’s antenatal classes in the UK or Midwives and Health Extension workers in Ethiopia.When I have free time I never tire of hills and mountains, cycle trails and travel. I am now a midwifery supervisor at Aneurin Bevan University Health Board.


Haf Lane

I am an experienced midwife at Aneurin Bevan University Health Board and love supporting women and their families. I love travel and teaching and feel passionately about working in partnership with our Ethiopian colleagues. I am the most recent trustee to join midwives@ethiopia and love the challenges and experiences it brings.